About us

We are psychological (trauma focused) therapists working in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) in primary and secondary care who are passionate about research, educating and working with trauma.

With our deepest gratitude to Dr Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero, Elan Shapiro, Rolf Carriere, Clare Blenkinsop and the team from the Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma Treatment and to the late Dr Francine Shapiro for their inspiration, vision, commitment and dedication to healing the burden of global trauma. To Karys Moffat and Matt Haworth at Reason Digital for producing this website. And to all our colleagues in the EMDR community and those working on the Frontline, wherever that may be, for their service to us all.


hello1stcontact@yahoo.com (this is not regularly monitored, for clinical queries, please see the further help advice above).

Please keep visiting our free website as we will be posting translations of the self help instructions and more resources in the future.